Your Child's Development + Chiropractic

    You take your child to the pediatrician for periodic "well checks" but we wish these checks were more in depth! It's so much easier to suppo...
    1 min

    Surviving Cedar Season

    Cedar fever, a common allergy caused by cedar pollen, can bring about a host of uncomfortable symptoms and it's that time of year for Cedar ...
    2 min

    The Birth Of BirthCo.

    Dr. Melot here! I often get asked about the inception of BirthCo. and let me tell you: it's been a wild ride.
    2 min

    Tongue Ties

    Tongue ties occur when the thin tissue under baby's tongue restricts movement of the tongue.The small membrane on the bottom of the tongue c...
    A super quick read.

    Webster Technique

    The Webster technique is utilized throughout pregnancy as a safe means to restore proper pelvic balance and function. This technique is defi...
    1 min

    Tips For Shorter Labor

    Who wants a shorter labor? EVERY FUTURE MAMA!
    1 min